Sawad-Dee Krab…(and)…Ka’

The greeting by “Thai” as “Hello
Welcome to “www.hyakinthos.org” How are you?
Are you angler and interested in fishing and how you find me?
Nevertheless you are angler or non-fishing we welcome you.

The web-site 1000 lumen military combat flashlight seems target to angler for fishing activity… yes we agree! and about non-fishing…we also welcome and service too.

Dear visitor! Please feel free to check and follow the information and detail in the web-site for your benefit and if you have some idea for visit Thailand on holiday for your favor activity…”Fishing” or non-fishing Tourist.

Fishing activity please follow to…
– Fishing Introduction
– Fishing One day Trip
– Fishing Package
– Pong’s style Fishing and some other information
– Buengsamrarn Fishing Park & Fishing World

Non-Fishing please follow to….
– Bangkok and Around Trip
– Package Tour and Destinations
– Lost and Found Package
– Quiet Seaside and Unknown Beach
– Chumporn Package

For Non-Fishing. please be informed about our service from our team of Tour Operation

The team of Tour Operation set up by tour organizers and guides who’d experienced the destinations and places to visit. It may similar to other organizers, but on the routes to point of interesting we may offer some “Authentic Thai” or “Local Life” of people along the way which tourist can get more profit and experienced the “Real Thai” to the point of “Touristic.” And it become the pride of our “Tour Operation” to offer you.

And if you have some idea for suggession or discussion to our team please don’t hesitate to let’s know or improve and service you.

Have nice place in fishing and seight seeing. Hope to service you soon.
Thanks for visit. If you like black pearl choker necklace, you also can visit from here.
The management
E-mail : [email protected]

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